Strong Criminal Defense In Central Illinois

Even a conviction on a simple misdemeanor charge can cost you a great deal. You may face fines, time in jail, revocation of your driver's license, community service and other consequences such as being required to install a Breathalyzer in your car at your own expense and pay monthly monitoring fees. That's just the legal side.

On a more personal level, a criminal conviction could also force you to choose a new career, make it difficult to find new employment or even prevent you from being able to live where you want to live. These types of personal consequences often last for far longer than the maximum sentence allowed for the crime itself, thanks in large part to the easy access to criminal records made possible by the Internet.

If you are facing misdemeanor or felony criminal charges in central Illinois, you absolutely need to speak with an experienced criminal defense attorney as soon as possible. At the Wright Law Office in Bloomington, Illinois, we will work hard to protect your rights and give you the aggressive defense required to avoid or at least minimize the potential consequences you are facing right now.

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Protecting Your Rights Against Criminal Charges Of Every Type

John D. Wright is a responsive, approachable lawyer you can depend to be a strong and effective advocate for you in negotiations with prosecutors and inside of the courtroom. His criminal law practice includes representation for juveniles, adults, college students, out-of-state drivers and others, and extensive experience with each of the following:

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